Electrum Stardust Green Tea

Electrum Stardust Green Tea

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In the ancient times of Atlantis, wise and powerful healers, magi and rulers blended gold, silver and crystals into a material known as Electrum. Electrum is believed to have covered the Ark of the Covenant, The capston on the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and many other sacred artifacts across the ages. Electrum helps the human mind communicate with the Universal Consciousness, reach higher dimensions, and connect with other intelligences that surround Earth.

This powerful technology, and the Wisdom it
brought, was lost to humanity for thousands of years.
Now it has returned.

Much like the Earth, our bodies are integrated with crystaline structures and precious metals including gold and silver. They function in many ways including to help regulate and monitor our immune system. As we age those elemental deposits become depleted, leaving us vulnerable to illness. Sir Edward Jagen has infused gold and sugar nanoparticles into sugar crystals. They are grown over a 2 week period and infused healing properties as taught by the ascended master magi of Atlantis. Adding an Electrum Sugar Crystal to hot green tea with turmeric and mint makes for the perfect elixir of life, love and healing.

In Atlantis, the custom of the Magi and children of the light was to drink Electrum Tea that distributed golden enriched particle energy to all the points in the body. Then to complete the circle of life and honor the healing request, they would leave gold nuggets in places on Mother Earth for people in need of love and positive solutions.

In the times of Atlantis, it was customary for Magi and Light Workers (Known as Children of the Light) to drink the Electrum infused tea. Through meditation they would bring the enriched particle energy to all points in their body. As an offering of thanks to Mother Earth, they would leave an electrum coated stone behind for someone to find in need of love or postivity.

The purpose

The purpose of meditating while you drink the tea is to help you mentally and physically visualize what you wish to occur inside your body. Every molecule in your body is designed to work in harmony, but as we age the memory of our cells begins to fail and the systems start to break down. 

The Electrum Tea may help reboot our inner Stardust deposits and revitalize our innate abilities to heal from within.

in the package

The Sacred Soul-ution package contains two components, a “Good Luck Electrum Gold Nugget” and an “Electrum Crystal Green Tea Pouch”. When any light hits the surface of the gold nugget, it radiates the maximum white light healing energy called “Golden Hue.” It will be your energy guidestone for the treatments.

Inside the pouch is organic green-mint tea, turmeric and a gold and silver infused sucrose rock crystal.

The way to administer the treatment is to simply sip the tea while thinking of an area of the body that needs healing. 


To start, chose a 12” circular area inside you to focus your mind on. As you take each sip of the warm tea, feel it move over the tongue, down the throat and into the stomach where it sits waiting for your further instructions. 

Now you are in control of the energy.

While the Soul-ution sits in your stomach, slowly being picked up by the blood system, open the Good Luck Gold Nugget package and slowly read the instruction card. It will open your mind to the magic and problem solving skills of positive reasoning. Most of us have been influenced by others and our society to think negatively. It’s time to flip the switch to the positive healing energy of life. 

Hold the gold nugget over the area needing healing while focused on moving the Electrum energy from the stomach into the bloodstream. See your body like a road map of veins and arteries. 

Slowly guide the energy in the direction of the gold nugget you are holding. Be aware of any place the energy stops moving. If that happens, move the nugget to the blockage. It’s a sign to allow the energy to spread out and permeate that area before moving on.

Spend five minutes on that area then place the nugget back on the targeted area and continue to guide the healing journey. 

After thirty minutes, clear your mind and allow your subconscious to guide the Electrum energy to build up in the targeted area. 

It is suggested you wait at least two hours between treatments with a limit offour treatments per day. Do not drink close to bed if you are sensitive to caffeine. 

When all doses have been used place the Good Luck gold nugget back in the package and leave it where someone in need will find it. The right person will be guided to the piece of Atlantean treasure. With that act of kindness, your healing energy cycle is complete. 

Repeat this healing therapy until your body, mind and spirit have regained balance and peace of mind.

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