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This powerful technology, and the Wisdom it brought, was lost to humanity for thousands of years. Now it has returned.

Atlantean treasure

Help the efforts to raise the vibration of consciousness on the planet

Atlantis Rising is a movement to help the efforts to raise the vibration of consciousness on the planet. These treasures are based on technology from the time of Atlantis when Master Magi used magical practices of energetic encoding to program devices with specific energetic frequencies. This power is being revived today through the work of Sir Edward Jagen in alignment with the Ascended Masters. 

Wear the Electrum devices

Wear the pendants or carry the nuggets or coins around with you. Wherever you go so too goes the vibration of love and positive reasoning that is imbued into the technology. Many light bearers have reported miracles and massive shifts in their lives after carrying the electrum technology with them

Gift them to others

The electrum devices are meant to be gifted to others. Charity is at the heart of the mission and each act of kindness spreads both your love to the world and casts the net of electrum wider. 

Gift them to those in need of a miracle. Who knows what wondrous fortune may flow into their life. 

Leave them in Special places

The electrum technology radiates love and positive reasoning regardless of the knowledge of those around. 

Leave them in beautiful and sentimental places to bring even greater levels of love and harmony to the space. 

Leave them in dark places that are in need of the light, where people may have lost hope. Even without knowing they are there, the energetic vibrations of the electrum will help those in need. 

What is Electrum Technology?

Electrum is a mix of gold and silver and sometimes other powered precious materials like quartz. Electrum once coated the tips of all pyramids in ancient Egypt, and before it Khem, and before it Atlantis.

The mix of gold and silver creates a unique conduit for energy. Gold on it’s own acts as an amplifier of energy and vibration. This is why it is such an important metal in modern technology. However once silver it introduced, it creates a unique opportunity.

The space where the silver and gold meet creates a line that accesses higher dimensions. These lines or gaps can be programmed with intentions, emotions and energetic vibrations.

The ancient atlantean cultures used this technology but it was lost to modern practices sometime between fall of atlantis and the establishment of Egyptian culture around 5 to 10 thousand years ago.

The more you know, the more knowing will come to you.

Who is Sir
Edward Jagen?

Sir Edward Jagen is a channel for the Ascended Masters of Atlantis. He is working with these Magi to bring Atlantean technology back into our world to help with the existential threats to humanity.

Each piece of treasure is handcrafted by Sir Edward Jagen. Master ERU, a great Magi from the times of Atlantis, work through him to imbue the treasure with the energetic vibrations of love and positive reasoning.

When Edward was eight years old he drowned. While dead, he found himself walking with the spirit of Mother Earth who asked if he would return to life to accomplish a very important mission with Archangel Michael. After being pulled from the from the waves and resuscitated, Archangel Michael became his constant companion, saving his life many times throughout a dangerous career in law enforcement.

After decades of communication with Michael, Michael told Sir Edward that he would meet and learn from the Ascended Masters of Atlantis. Through Sir Edward one of those masters, The Hierophant, channeled the Book of Wisdom, An ancient tome of his teachings that activates peoples innate psychic and spiritual abilities.

A long career in law enforcement, and many harrowing and dangerous undercover operations. showed Detective Jagen the worst of humanity and the darkest aspects of our world. From deep desire to help save lives before the act of evil had been perpetrated, Detective Jagen founded the Good Knight Child Empowerment Network. Dubbed the Blue Knight of Maryland by the governor, he went on to reach over twenty million children with his life saving child abduction prevention deception awareness programs worldwide. For his lifetime achievements Sir Edward was awarded the National Jefferson Award Gold Medal for greatest public service by a private citizen.

You can read all about his career and the many amazing magical experiences of his life in his biography “When Angels Dream”. The lessons and teachings of the Book of Wisdom are also in “When Angels Dream” and if you are interested in taking the study of these psychic arts seriously, consider joining the study program under Sir Edward’s protégée Sophia West.

Browse the Treasury

Browse the available treasury of Atlantean technology to see what reasonates with you to bring into your life, either for yourself or to gift to others.