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Sun Disc Amulet

Long ago, the Sun Disc – Wheel of Time Amulet was used as an energy key by the Ascended Masters of Atlantis. These Masters and Children of Light saw it as a symbol for the eternal love and unity with all things. The hallowed creation process was handed down by the Ascended Masters, then and today, to a chosen few wisdom inspired Magi.

The red pipestone is sacred to Native American shamans who used it to connect with their ancestral elders. They believed it to be the blood of their ancestors and capable of delivering powerful prayers of understanding to their spirit elders and the Great Spirit of the universe.

The Sun Disc amulet can be worn around the neck, wrist or ankle.

Gold Nugget

The Electrum Gold coating on all the Treasures of Atlantis are activated by sunlight and intended to be rubbed off and absorbed by the body and environment. When illuminated, the Electrum creates a reflective signal that attracts subatomic energy particles (angels of protection and prosperity) to the location of the Sun Disc, Crystal Beacon, Coin and Electrum Gold Nuggets of the Four Directions.

Electrum Stardust Green Tea

The Sacred Soul-ution package contains two components, a “Good Luck Electrum Gold Nugget” and an “Electrum Crystal Green Tea Pouch”. When any light hits the surface of the gold nugget, it radiates the maximum white light healing energy called “Golden Hue.” It will be your energy guidestone for the treatments.